Kirkwood Elementary School District

August 8, 2009

It is a pleasure to offer this letter of recommendation for Quin Hogan, Vice President of R&R Horn, Inc. Kirkwood Elementary was fortunate enough to secure the services of his company. Mr. Hogan worked closely with our project manager and our architect to insure that our district would receive the maximum allowable for our building project. He travelled to Sacramento three times with our project manager and through their efforts increased our initial grant by $790,000.00. His company started work on our $2,800,000.00 project in June of 2008 and completed the classroom wing prior to the start of school.

R&R Horn completely carried the project financially as we continued to work with the state on financial matters. They also started construction on our Gym portion of the project again providing complete financing. It was a shock to all concerned when the state shut down building project in December. We look forward to completion of our project and are thankful that we selected Quin's company. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have specific questions related to Quin Hogan or Kirkwood Elementary's building project with R&R Horn, Inc.


John Lalaguna

John Lalaguna
(530) 624-9251