R&R Horn, Inc. takes safety seriously. We believe that proper training of personnel and subcontractors can eliminate potential hazards and avoid accidents. The company adheres to OSHA standards and implements programs such as Confined Space Training and Tailgate Toolbox Safety Meetings to protect not only our employees from danger, but also to protect our firm and our customers from unnecessary lawsuits.

R&R Horn, Inc. requires documented safety meetings to be held for construction employees and field supervisors twice weekly for the duration of a project and is committed to maintaining a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace. All employees are subject to pre-employment screening and certify their understanding of the company's Drug and Alcohol Policy.

R&R Horn, Inc. also maintains an Injury Prevention Program and encourages its field personal to identify potential hazards.

Golden Shovel Standard

On March 1st 2022 R&R Horn Contractors was honored to receive the Golden Shovel Standard Award. Gold Shovel Standard Certification is a widely-recognized indication of increased safety awareness and a commitment to continuous damage prevention improvement. Excavators within Gold Shovel Standard rely on Gold Shovel Standard technology to measure safety and efficacy and are able to present hard data to support their reputation.